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frequently asked questions

How can I install wall and ceiling panels easily?

    You can glue the panels to the wall if the surface is completely flat.

    If the surface does not allow gluing, you still have three other options, namely stapling, nailing or screwing. For each of these applications, you will need a wooden framework on the wall or ceiling. Only use pre-treated wood for the supporting battens, especially if you are installing the panels in a damp room. 30 cm is the ideal distance between 2 supporting battens.

    After fitting the supporting battens, you can begin to install the PVCu mouldings. Please note: ensure that the fixings (staples, nails, screws) are rustproof. The first step is to attach the starter mouldings around the wall or ceiling. After that is done the first panel can be inserted into the moulding, using the edge with the tongue. Use a spirit level to check whether the panel is completely straight before attaching it. It is advisable to leave about 5mm movement in the mouldings. The next panels are then inserted using the tongue and groove method.

    For cutting the panels and profiles to size, we advise the use of a fine-toothed saw or a jigsaw.

    The finishing profiles in matching colours for the decorative panels are unique on the market. Internal corners, external corners, junction mouldings and multifunctional starter mouldings are available. As these mouldings are in two parts, installation is even easier.

What about the maintenance of Easy Decor products?

    Use normal cleaning agents and a soft cloth or sponge.

    Solvents are not recommended; nor are aggressive cleaning agents.

Can PVCu be recycled?

    PVCu mouldings can generally be recycled. The recycled material is fit for reuse in many production processes.

    Extrusion waste is also reused in the same way. It is therefore an environmentally friendly solution!

How does PVCu respond to fire?

    PVCu mouldings melt in fire; however, they do not transmit the flames. A fire certificate has been issued for various products: M1 (for France and Belgium) and Class 1 (for England). Please contact us for further details.

Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions relating to our product range.